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Moto Tassinari VForce3 Reed Valve System - used by more AMA and GP Riders than any other product.

Benefits: The unique design of the VForce Reed Valve System has several major benefits over a standard reed cage design. By offering twice the reed-tip surface, the vforce 3 petals only need to travel half the distance of a reed petal on a standard cage, to get the same flow. The result is greatly improved reed life due to less petal movement and instant throttle response. Unlike other valves that change the characteristic of the powerband with little or no horsepower gains, the VForce increases horsepower throughout the entire powerband while also widening peak power, making your bike easier to ride.

Materials: Composite reed cage with Carbon Fibre reed petals.

VForce3 is the world's first choice when it comes to reed valve performance, all champions use vforce3 for motocross and enduro in solo as well as quad formats.

The VForce reed valve system is currently used by more Factory riders than all of our competition combined.




V Force Yamaha Reed Valve

PriceFrom £156.99
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