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Apico’s CNC’d Xtreme foot peg, similar to a conventional peg with the extra stainless steel teeth running down the centre of the peg with a 3 way mud cleaning design. Available in manufacturers anodised colourways.

SX-E 50 20-22
SX50 14-23
SX65 11-23
SX85 03-17
SX125 98-15
SX150 09-15
SX250 00-16
SX-F250/350/450 06-15
EXC125/200/250/300/380 98-16
EXC-F 250/350/450/525/530 98-16
FREE-RIDE 250R 14-17
FREE-RIDE 250F 18-20
FREE-RIDE 350F 12-20

Apico KTM Xtreme Foot Pegs Orange SX/SXF 50cc-450cc

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