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• Replacement Prizm Goggle Lens for Oakley Front Line goggles

• Lenses are injection moulded under extreme pressure with high impact Plutonite to create a precise contour of optically correct geometry and clarity. Plutonite is the most optically pure lens material ever utilized for MX goggles

• Prizm lens technology helps you spot subtle transitions in dirt conditions by separating shades of brown, enhances visual acuity and detail for making split second decisions with greater confidence and performs in a wide range of light conditions, including riding in and out of tree cover

• Utilizes Oakley's F3 anti-fog coating to absorb moisture and eliminate haze

• Lens tints enhance visibility in any light condition; engineered Oakley tints offer best combination of light filtering, colour balance and visual contrast

• Precision lens curvature expands your field of vision for maximum peripheral vision

Oakley Genuine Frontline Prizm Torch Iridium Lens

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