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Bell MX 2024 Moto-9S Flex Helmet Banshee Black/Silver .Our industry-leading motocross and off-road racing helmet, now with a friendlier price tag, is as comfortable and safety-focused as ever.


Back by popular demand is the redesigned Moto-9S Flex — the refinement of a long-standing industry leader. This strong, lightweight helmet carries over Bell's time-tested traditions of performance and advanced safety standards. Packed inside are three material layers that help protect at different impact speeds and redirect rotation energy in many impacts. You still get the unbeatable ventilation of the flexible, segmented liner that adapts to the shape of your head for a custom feel. Top off this no-compromise design with our Tri-Matrix shell, delivering all the strength of carbon fiber in a more budget-friendly package for value that's unheard of.


Impact Management - Flex™
Construction - Integrated Vented Roost Guard
Visor - Fully Adjustable Flying Bridge Visor with Air Intake Vents
Ventilation - Velocity Flow Ventilation System for maximum cooling
Certifications - DOT (US)/SNELL (US)/ECE (EU)
Highlights - Eject® System Ready


Flex™ Energy Management

A first-of-its kind, three-layer impact liner designed to manage energy from three potential scenarios: low, mid and high-speed.

Eject® System Ready

Designed for a safer removal of the helmet through the use of an inflatable airbag installed in the helmet.

Magnefusion™ Cheek Pad Emergency Release System

Allows for easy removal of the pads for washing and enables emergency responders to easily remove the cheek pads first before removing the helmet following an impact.

Fiberglass Composite Shell

Industry leading Fiberglass construction

ionic+™ Antimicrobial Comfort Padding

Quick-drying interior padding helps manage sweat while using silver for odour control.


Bell MX 2024 Moto-9S Flex Helmet Banshee Black/Silver

£499.99 Regular Price
£349.99Sale Price
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