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Artrax Husqvarna Rear Brake Disc .

These unique and distinctive discs are among the most cutting edge rotors on the market today. High quality stainless steel construction, Improved performance over traditional round rotors. Excellent cooling properties, Great durability, even in the harshest conditions. Available for all popular MX and Enduro bikes.




Mounting a new rotor make sure that the contact area on the rotor and hub are completely clean, centre the rotor on the hub and tighten according to OEM torque specs. New brake pads should always be installed when fitting a new rotor and we strongly recommend that new disc bolts are also fitted.


Pad compatibility


Artrax rotors can be used with any type of brake pads, including sintered bronze, Kevlar and ceramic carbon.

Artrax Husqvarna Rear Brake Disc

PriceFrom £48.00
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