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Alpinestars Tech 3s Kids Boot White/Black/Bright Red . 

The Tech 3S Kids Boot was developed with direct feedback from young kids and MX riders testing the boot at the track. Alpinestars values athlete input and worked closely with riders to create the new Tech 3S Kids Boot and to achieve the perfect level of flexibility and comfort. Like the Tech 3S Youth Boots, the Tech 3S Kids Boots will also come with the insole size adjuster to adapt the boot’s size as the child grows and provide parents with extra value on investment.

With a brand-new redesign, the Tech 3S Kids Boots provide a protective off-road boot for lightweight riders. Not only are the boots lighter, easier, and more flexible while still offering strong support, the Tech 3S Kids Boot now features a microfiber toe with internal tip impact reinforcement for optimized riding feel and flexion comfort, both medially and laterally. The Tech 3S Kids Boot has a lightweight supportive shell on the ankle. The design incorporates a new lateral and medial blade as well as a medial and lateral flexion system, a unique offering from Alpinestars, especially when it comes to youth and kids MX footwear. In addition, the shin plate features a convenient and easy hook and loop closure, as well as a new hook and loop middle closure, perfect for easy on and off, as well as quick and secure adjustment. The bottom buckle is a traditional Alpinestars Tech series buckle that provides strong support. The Tech 3 Kids Boot is the ideal protective off-road boot for kid riders with updated style and softened components.

Alpinestars Tech 3s Kids Boot White/Black/Bright Red

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