UPPER:high wear resistant microfibre and PU frame

LINING:breathable fabric with double density foam around the ankle area                                                              

REINFORCEMENTS:Double Flex Control System; PU adjustable shin plate; polyurethane toe guard, internal HIGH GRIP ZONE heat guard, rear polyurethane heel reinforcement                 

BUCKLES:4 aluminium adjustable buckles, ergonomic design

SOLE:designed high wear resistant MICHELIN® HYBRID MX sole


The new Double Flex Control System features a PU joint in the ankle area studied to improve front and rear flexibility of the leg. The system is attached to the boot with two lateral hidden screws at malleolus level. This special construction allows a front flexibility of up to 18 degrees and, thanks to two lugs that slide inside dedicated pockets, it allows a rear flexibility of up to 15 degrees, thus avoiding back overextension of the ankle joint and protecting the riders’ foot from injuries. 

The MICHELIN® MX Hybrid sole which stands out for its specific design that affords maximum grip, traction and stability. The special mixture used to produce it makes it highly resistant to abrasions and tears


TCX Comp Evo Michelin 2 Boot Red/Blue/Yellow Fluo

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