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RK520 MXZ5 Pro Motocross 1220L Gold Chain ,is one of the lightest motocross chains available on the market today

Made for the professional motocross racer


RK MXZ4 is the next generation of motocross racing chains featuring Chromoly steel construction and seamless rollers and bushings.

lighter weight than MXZ4 at just 13.9g per link


  • For Serious Motocross riders
  • HCR Pin
  • lightest and strongest Motocross chain
  • Use by top MXGP & MX2 teams 

RK 520MXZ5 applies the HCR Pin and special alloy steel for component making, resulting in a tensile strength as high as 35.6[kN] with weight as light as 13.7[g/L].

RK 520MXZ4 features special alloy pins with RK special
HCR Treatment (High Tech Chromium Carbide Layered Pins) which
drastically improves the wear resistance of the Pin while absorbing shock loads from extreme jumps.

RK520 MXZ5 Pro Motocross Chain 120L Gold

£79.95 Regular Price
£69.95Sale Price
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