Apico pro bite wide foot-pegs Manufactured from a Rigid CNC machined light weight aerospace aluminium alloy construction. The Apico Pro Bite foot-pegs come with an extra wide replaceable stainless Steel footplate providing the rider with the ultimate grip and anti slip control in any race condition. The stainless steel foot-plate also sits inside a silicone based rubber damper helping to absorb shock and provide extra comfort and performance to the rider.Available in various colours to suit all motocross and Enduro bikes.
MC85 21-22
MC125 21-22
MC250 22-
MC250F 21-22
MC350F 22-
MC450F 21-22
GAS GAS Enduro
EC250 21-22
EC300 21-22
EC250F 21-22
EC350F 21-22
XCEX250 22-
EX300 21-22
EX250F 21-22
EX350F 21-22
EX450F 21-22

Apico GasGas Pro-Bite Foot Pegs Red MC 85cc-450cc