Apico’s CNC’d Pro Bite foot peg has removable steel tooth plate and silicone insert and are made wider than OEM pegs to offer greater stability. The Pro Bite is available in manufacturer’s colourways, and has the added colourway of titanium across all fitments and years for all manufacturers.

SX50 14-22 - SX-E 50 20-21
SX65 11-22 - SX85 03-17
SX125 98-15 - SX150 09-15
SX250 00-16

SX-F250/350/450 06-15
EXC125/200/250/300/380 98-16
EXC-F 250/350/450/525/530 98-16
FREE-RIDE 250R 14-17
FREE-RIDE 250F 18-20
FREE-RIDE 350F 12-20

Apico KTM Pro-Bite Foot Pegs SX/SXF 50cc-450cc